Mittel Fest


2017. It’s in the Air

As Mittelfest conceives it, Air is not a mixture of gases – it’s a galaxy of experiences and meanings.
A theme crucial for our planet’s future, astonishing in the wealth of interpretations it can unleash.
Cividale del Friuli 2017, 15th-25th of July

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The sky over Cividale.
Mittelfest 2017 marks the completion of a three-year project. After a festival devoted to Water (2015) and one to Land (2016), Air is at the centre of this year’s events.

Beyond their obvious symbolic value, these three elements stand as crucial factors in contemporary living. Environmental and health concerns and the global dimension of mobility have turned them into essential questions.
Water, Land and Air also give form to a virtual journey which places the territory – in particular our territory of Friuli Venezia Giulia – at the centre of Mittelfest, first launched in 1991 with the aim of showcasing the Region’s special environmental and cultural characteristics.

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