Mittel Fest


2017. It's in the air

As Mittelfest conceives it, Air is not a mixture of gases - it’s a galaxy of experiences and meanings.
A theme crucial for our planet’s future, astonishing in the wealth of interpretations it can unleash. Cividale del Friuli 15-25 July 2017

Sting in

57TH & 9TH Martedì 25 luglio / Parco della Lesa Presale

The idol of a generation, creator of songs that still capture the musical imagination – from Message in a Bottle to Every Breath you Take – three-time Oscar nominee for best song, surprising film actor, Sting has not missed a beat in his stellar career. At 65, with 15 albums under his belt, he has placed his indomitable environmentalist spirit at the service of a new cause. And has readily agreed to round off the festival in tune with this year’s theme.


in Report on the blind Friday 21 luglio

Hollywood legend John Malkovich in tune with the thought of Argentine writer and activist Ernesto Sabato. The monologue is perfectly mirrored in the music of Alfred Schnittke, played by formidable Russian pianist Terenkova. MALKOVICH Report on the blind.


If you don’t go crazy,
you are not normal!
Domenica 23 luglio Presale

With Balkan roots and a gaze on the coming decade, Bregović’s swirling compositions mix the blasts of Gypsy fanfares with Bulgarian polyphonies, percussion with the metal of rock guitar.


Nell’aere - Inferno#5 Sabato 15 luglio

Men, women, flocks of shadows rapidly disappearing. Like the two lovers immortalised by Dante in the fifth Canto of his Inferno, the dancers are swept away in a storm created by composer Mario Pagotto for Mitteleuropa Orchestra.


Atmosphères Domenica 16 luglio

The Armenian musician distils the essence of his country's musical tradition. And puts it in a progressive setting. The intensity of this jazz is atomised in diverse aspirations and atmospheric panoramas.


Zvizdal Lunedì 17, martedì 18 luglio

Pétro and Nadia, an old couple, have refused to be evacuated from Chernobyl. The Belgians of Berlin have chosen them for a portrait of solitude, survival and hope. In their own landscape, as they co-exist with radiation.

Adrien M &
Claire B

Le mouvement de l'air Martedì 18 luglio

Giving shape to the imperceptible. Showing air in movement. Revealing the course of a breath. A virtual image device flirts with music and dance, both emphatically live.




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